Tatum grew up on a cattle ranch about 10 miles southeast of Hays, Kansas.  The Philip Ranch was established by her mothers great grandfather in 1875 and 5 generations later is still in the family.  She never knew life without horses and could not imagine a life without them.  They were her first play mates and her first friends especially a little dun pony named Porkchop.
Tatum came by her interest in art naturally.  Her mother did leather craft and her father did work in leather and rawhide for use on the ranch.  At the age of 14 Tatum decided that she needed a craft to call her own.  She bought a book about braiding horsehair and some hair to practice with.  Her first few things did not come out so well but as her experience grew so did her results.  Two years later she decided to tackle the art of hitching and once again bought a book and set out to teach herself.  All Tatum's work has been self taught from books and looking at historical pieces.
Tatum, her husband Joe, and daughter Keeli now live outside Hays Kansas where they enjoy spending time riding and training horses along with studying Parelli Natural Horsemanship.
Photo by CoCo
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